clipbitz product image clip on fake belly ringClipbitz - stylish & luxurious ‘Belly Bling’ without piercing.

Clipbitz is a unique patented belly button Jewellery clip that’s a pain free alternative to a piercing.

Our clips are safe for anyone of any age to wear and can simply be removed without any fuss or pain when not required. There is no aftercare required and none of the complications associated with a piercing.
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   How to Use

 Why Clipbitz?

 Unique non-peircing design

 Pain free / no discomfort

 Wear your clip-on belly bling with style

 Our clipbitz are silver
plated which will not react
with your skin

 Worldwide patent by PSK
Jewellery Limited

 Years of research, testing
& development

 Only £17.99 GBP FREE P+P

click here to buy our clipbitz now for just £17.99 GBP with free worldwide p+p photo of clipbitz flower power mix cb20Anyone under the age of 18 can only have a piercing with theconsent of an adult. Clipbitz are a safe and stylish alternative.

‘Years of development by us has made our clips as comfortable and secure to wear as possible. Clipbitz are now must have pieces of luxury body jewellery.’

Clip on belly ring jewellery
Clipbitz are the only stylish and safe alternative to traditional belly jewellery - no piercing, nor pain..... just sheer sparkling belly bling that’s bound to get you noticed! Keep your belly button as nature intended and simply clip on your clipbitz with pride and confidence.

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Our clip-on fake belly jewellery is a unique and pain free alternative to piercing, with a patented design for the ultimate in comfort & style.

We ship our clip-on belly ring jewelry to the UK, USA & Worldwide.

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Call 01785 286409
Email sales@cliponfakebellyring.com

PSK Jewellery Limited, Mayfield House, 15 Litchfield Street, Stone, Staffordshire ST15 8NA.
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Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 8NA England.
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